When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

When you take acid before going on the air

Ever since I deleted facebook

  • My life has been nothing but pure interpreted joy. Never again will I have to read about someone's life, or gain negative energy from someone's comment or post. Sure I am less social, and barely talk to people anymore. But I love my solitude and cherish any moment I have to improve my music, my art, my education, my physiche, and my spiritual endeavor. Life productivity is so much more rewarding then staring at a screen reading about people's sappy material lives. It's an energy I don't include in my life anymore. So fuck you Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. I don't need you to make me who I am anymore, and I will never go back. I'll stick with SoundCloud and tumblr, at least they let me express myself.